How to make virtual meetings more interactive for business – 16 Tips Follow up Guide

Business meetings and conferences when held in a close hall then the speaker can speak, and the participants can adapt to the environment but as the virtual way of communication is introduced then from that time the user engagement problem tends to start.

How to engage in a Zoom meeting by occupying the attention of the lot is important though.

A person is in his home, so the environment is friendly, but the problem is the speaker is also in its comfort zone as well, so a survey has been conducted to know what is the problem that the speaker no matter whether he is big or small, they tend to lack the communication factor.

After through research, a guide has been proposed which contain the following steps:

  • Be human, do not follow a script but tend to follow a path which makes errors, jokes, and thus tends to engage the audience up. The purpose of webinar is not to deliver the knowledge but to make audience learn and understand what one is delivering.
  • Be polite and gracious in the meeting and be supportive as well because there are things multiple of them that tend to happen like a dog starts to bark or a toddler tend to cry whatsoever.

Forgive the participant and make them confident that they can come off mute if necessary.

  • Make sure to let your participant know about the agenda of the meeting, this is beneficial in a lot of ways i.e., it keeps the meeting stick to the task until it is finished and let the participants play an active role during meeting as well.
  • There are some golden rules that are to be followed up front and they are as follows; it urges the consumer to come on a video then on a phone which eradicated half the trouble.

Secondly, pay attention to the length of the meeting it is visual cut it half and double the breaks. Thirdly, always be sure of the agenda that you tend to provide for, this let the user stick to the task and do not get derailed by.

  • Over burden is real but it is the duty of the speaker to see which is collaboration and which is a meeting because collaborations can be done through other tools, but meeting is specifically designed to get effectively through zoom.
  • Make use of “one pizza rule”, for years the amazon giant jeff Bezos have been using a two-pizza rule which states that if there are people who cannot be fed with 2 pizzas then there are too many people, and nothing can come productive.

So, instead of 2 pizza rules go off with 1 pizza rule to get the knowledge and understating be transferred to the people who are attending rather than wasting time.

  • Encourage the participants to answer using the chat box by either typing a yes or no whatsoever. Typing a single or more digit answer can make the user not only interactive and attentive but also provide him a sense of participation in the webinar or meeting.
  • First of all be clear about your agenda of the meeting and second of all be try to do a dialogue with a group of people who are not only diverse but are different as well because different people from different backgrounds tend to have different opinions which can open up a healthy dialogue.
  • It is better to ask for opinion then to act because then you will have a feedback and you can improve before getting it out in the world and get embarrassed. Thinking before leaping is preferred.


Steps to make the virtual meeting more interactive is studied but before applying them get to know how to fully utilize the features of zoom so that you can interact better with your audience.

The only way to learn it without wasting time is to get an audience engaging zoon video guide which shows every detail and everything the zoom has in it. But it now at a price tag of 67$ and if someone it does not suit up then you can get a full refund within 60 days’ time frame.