Understanding the Right CBD Oil for You

How do you know which CBD oil is right for you? Hemp House has the answer! Hemp House offers a wide variety of CBD products to meet any need. Whether it’s Hemp Flower, Hemp Oil or even Hemp Dabs, they have the best in quality and affordability.

Hemp House goal is to provide our customers with products that are both effective and affordable. they want everyone to be able to enjoy their quality hemp experience without breaking the bank! Hemp House carries Hemp Flower, Hemp Oil and CBD Dabs.

Understanding the Right CBD Oil for You

Hemp Flowers

Hemp Flower is Hemp Seeds that have been pressed to yield the oil inside them. Hemp Flowers are pure with no additives or fillers, just 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil!

The goal of Hemp House

Their company motto at Hemp House is simple:

“We want our customers to live their best lives”, so we offer you a choice of flavoured Hemp Flights™ depending on your mood! Whether it be Passionflower for relaxation, Vanilla Kush when you need some energy in your life or even Strawberry Cough if you are looking for something fruity-flavoured…our hemp flights make an ideal gift! We also carry the original flavour, which tastes great too because who doesn’t love smooth peanut butter?

Hemp Oil is made by pressing Hemp Seeds to extract the oil inside them. It’s like Hemp Seed, but with all of the nutrition and none of the flavour! The hemp oil has a yellow tinge because it still contains some cannabinoids; however, this product does not contain any THC, so don’t worry about getting “high” or having any psychoactive effects.

We carry 500mg CBD Drops which are perfect for those who want something easy to take that they can just drop into their water or smoothie! Our Hemp Oils also come in 1000mg as well as 1500 mg sizes if you need more than what our 500mg size offers…but we recommend starting small unless you’ve tried CBD before!

Hemp Dabs

Hemp Dabs are CBD Hemp Extracts that have been isolated to remove all of the plant matter. This product is pure hemp extract with nothing else but 100% Pure CBD! Hemp House carries 500mg, 1000mg and 1500 mg CBD Dabs as well as flavoured ones for those who don’t like their taste very strong or prefer a sweeter flavour.

Various Sizes of Hemp Flower

Hemp Flower has many uses! Our company motto at Hemp House is “We want our customers to live their best lives”, so we offer you, Hemp Flowers in three different sizes:

Original Size

The Original Size contains 50 servings per container which makes it perfect if you need something small for travel or just aren’t sure how much your body will respond to this supplement yet.

Medium Size

Hemp Flower Medium Size contains 100 servings per container which is great if you need something for daily use.

Large Size

Hemp Flower Large Size (Best Seller!) contains 250 servings per container. This size is perfect for those who know they will be using CBD Oil every day! Hemp House also offers Hemp Butter, Hemp Vape Additive, and Hemp Bath Bombs made with our very own CBD Eucalyptus Spearmint or Peppermint Essential Oils to meet any of your needs!


If you are looking for a supplement that will help support overall wellness, then Hemp Products are the right choice for you! Our website carries many different types of hemp products, including oils, waxes, dabs, flowers, and so much more, at extremely affordable prices. You can even become a Hemp VIP and get the best deals available to you!